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The 'best' school should fit a student academically, socially and financially

The recent college admission scandal exemplified the intense anxiety that even some wealthy parents feel about their children being admitted to highly selective (aka elite) colleges. Parents and students should keep the following in mind as they begin their college search:

  • Be extra cautious if you are told someone has 'inside' information, can pull strings, provide shortcuts to admissions, or give you a special advantage (all for a fee or otherwise).

  • There are many colleges and universities for every student. The 'best' school is one that fits a student academically, socially and financially. Being and presenting one's authentic self and demonstrating one's own talents and abilities is a way of ensuring the right college fit.

  • Majority of admission officers, school counselors and independent college consultants are ethical and compassionate professionals who dedicate their careers to advising students and families.

If you decide to seek help with the college search and application process outside of the school setting, be sure to hire someone who is a member of a professional organization, such as IECA or NACAC. I, for one, adhere to the strict ethical guidelines of these respected organizations. Feel free to take a look at what some of these guidelines look like as a reference:

IECA Principles of Good Practice:

NACAC Good Practices:

Today, I could not be more proud of my position to serve the youth, guide our future leaders and promote education. In the words of Abigail Adams, "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."

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